The Startled Faction at Metro Pictures in NYC

I recently mixed Catherine Sullivan‘s film “The Startled Faction (a sensitivity training)” which is being shown at Metro Pictures, 519 West 24th Street, New York, NY from September 6 – October 20, 2018.

Artnet included it on their list of “45 Can’t-Miss Gallery Shows in New York This September.”






MOOSE wins at AT&T awards

MOOSE, a short film I did some work on last year, won in the Best Film and Best Emerging Filmmaker categories at the AT&T Awards at Warner Brothers!  Congratulations to writer/director Jonah Ansell, producer Erin Breen, and the rest of the cast and crew!

MOOSE is the story of a teenage moose who witnesses his father getting killed by hunters and then treks to the cabin where the hunters are staying to steal their rifles and bullets to save the rest of his tribe. The producers will take the film to 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade classrooms around the country to facilitate critical dialogues about compassion.

Kiwi First Steps

My most recent sound design project is for Kiwi’s “First Steps” campaign. We found and photographed the shoes of famous icons, and explored the lives of these icons through their footwear. I created sound design for the audio-guide aspect of the campaign.

You can see and hear the campaign here.

The Tiniest Listing

Here’s another recent project I did with Ogilvy Chicago.

Market Value at Julien Dubuque Film Fest!

“Market Value,” one of the films I worked on the past couple of years, is an official selection of the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, which runs from April 26 – 29, 2018.

The Jam Poster

Here’s a new project I worked on recently: The Jam Poster at the Illinois Holocaust Museum. To go along with their Bill Graham exhibit, Ogilvy and Novalia LTD. created a touch-sensitive poster connected to a sample-playback engine. Touching the poster triggers different pre-recorded sound loops. Nylon Studios composed the main musical piece, and I added various lead guitar sounds and feedback as well as consulting with the creative team on concepts and process.

Kudos to everyone involved with this fantastic project!

Kiwi “Portraits Completed” in Adweek

This year I worked on the “Portraits Completed” campaign for Kiwi, recording and mixing the “audio tour” portion of the exhibit. Today, Adweek recognized the campaign as one of 13 brilliant outdoor ads of 2017.


Thanks Adweek!