“With a creative scenic design by Lizzie Bracken, extraordinarily colorful and sparkly costumes by Brenda Winstead, flashy lighting by Diane D. Fairchild, magical sound by Joe Griffin and some very funny, gigantic props by Jenny Pinson, this is one show bound to become a new favorite.”
Colin Douglas, review of “You Think It’s Easy Being The Tooth Fairy?” (Lifeline Theatre, Chicago)

“Bathed in some truly frightening and fanciful lighting effects by Mike Durst and shrouded in a soundtrack of eerie music and startling sound effects created by Joe Griffin, this show is technically terrific.”
Colin Douglas, review of “Dracula” (The Hypocrites/Mercury Theatre, Chicago)

“The horror unfolds during an unrelenting maelstrom, vividly brought to life by Joe Griffin’s sound design and Mike Durst’s colorful lighting.”
– Adelaide Lee, TheaterMania review of “Dracula” (The Hypocrites/Mercury Theatre, Chicago)

“…the sound (Joe Griffin) was almost perfect.”
– Alan Bresloff, Around the Town review of “Dracula” (The Hypocrites/Mercury Theatre, Chicago)

“Christopher Kidder-Mostrom’s minimal scenic design is augmented by Joe Griffin’s richly detailed soundscape…”
– Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times review of “Bard Fiction” (Commedia Beauregard, Chicago)

“More earnest, interesting and delightful than something so gimmicky sounding has any right to be….tight lighting (Eric Van Tassell, who also directs) and sound design (Joe Griffin)…the lighting cue/classic transporter sound was good for a laugh every time.”
–Christine Malcolm, review of “A Klingon Christmas Carol” (Commedia Beauregard, Chicago)

“Also to be commended are sound designers Joe Griffin and Steve Baldwin, whose score of unobtrusive honky-tonk ballads cleverly pre-empts any ambient disruption emanating from the actual country-western tavern next door.”
–Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times review of “Coronado” (Steep Theatre Company, Chicago)

“There’s a lot to be said for creating the right atmosphere. Director Chuck Karvelas and his design team deserve a slap on the back for creating such a rich setting for this story of the Salem witch trials.”
–Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune review of “The Crucible” (Speaking Ring Theatre, Chicago)

“Aided by the unsettling music/sound design by Tim Hort, Braham Fetterman and Joe Griffin, the drama remains on an intimate, subconscious plane.”
–Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune review of “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Adler Danztheatre, Chicago)

“…just the right sound for just the right moment. Diehard game masters…are going to love this collection.”
– Kenneth Newquist, review of Toxic Bag Productions’ The Game Masters Collection on

American Library Association’s Notable Children’s Video Award: For “Getting to Know the World’s Great Artists” videos: Degas, Cassatt, Warhol, DaVinci, Van Gogh

American Library Association’s Notable Children’s Video Award: For “Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents: Jefferson”