Fate Accompli

Awhile ago I did postproduction sound for a short film called Fate Accompli, directed by Eric Neal and featuring the fantastic Walt Sloan and Erin Breen. It went through the festival circuit (Best Thriller Short, Illinois International Film Festival 2014) and is now viewable on Youtube. You can also see it on my Videos page. Please watch, enjoy and leave a comment!


fate accompli poster_full res one sheet_27x41




The Judas Run

I recently finished the sound mix for “The Judas Run,” a short film by Sigsaly Entertainment. The film is one of two prequels to Sigsaly’s forthcoming sci-fi action feature “Angle of Incidence,” which they’re about to start raising money for on Indiegogo.

For this short I was responsible for most of the post-production sound, including dialog edit, sound design and the final mix. Foley artists Steve Baldwin and Ele Matelan performed all of the foley for the film. Andrew Edwards of Blue Police Box Music composed the score. The same crew is working on the second prequel, “Portunus,” which is almost completed and should be out within the next week.

I’ll be announcing the Indiegogo campaign here later in the week, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first prequel!

You can watch “The Judas Run” here.


Judas Run Poster

Angle of Incidence: Cranaë trailer

Here’s a trailer I mixed for Sigsaly Entertainment’s new project, Angle of Incidence. “Cranaë” is one of two prequels to the Angle of Incidence feature film, and should be released in a few months.