“Limerence” at NYCIFF!


I’m thrilled that “Limerence,” a short film for which I did post-production sound, is an Official Selection of the the 2020 New York City Independent Film Festival. Congratulations to crew and cast!


You can view the “Limerence” trailer here.

“Undue Burdens” at Beloit Film festival


Andrea Raby’s documentary short “Undue Burdens” is an Official Selection of the 2020 Beloit International Film Festival.

I had the privilege of doing post-production sound on “Undue Burdens” last year. The film chronicles two organizations, the pre-Roe V. Wade-era group called Jane, and the current Midwest Access Coalition, both of which help women gain access to abortion services.

Congratulations to all involved!

Challenges in Foley for Stage versus Studio

I wanted to share this article, written by my good friend Ele Matelan for International Podcast Month. Ele is one of the busiest and best live sound effects performers in Chicago, and here writes about how Foley for stage differs from Foley for film, and gives advice for people aspiring to make sounds live on stage.



The Startled Faction at Metro Pictures in NYC

I recently mixed Catherine Sullivan‘s film “The Startled Faction (a sensitivity training)” which is being shown at Metro Pictures, 519 West 24th Street, New York, NY from September 6 – October 20, 2018.

Artnet included it on their list of “45 Can’t-Miss Gallery Shows in New York This September.”





Dracula at Mercury Theater Chicago

My latest project is sound design and music for The Hypocrites’ adaption of “Dracula,” at the Mercury Theater Chicago. We opened on Friday, Oct. 13 and the show runs until Nov. 7. Come and see!


HEAR Now pics

I did post a few pictures from HEAR Now this past weekend to my Instagram and Twitter, but most of them went to Wildclaw Theatre’s Instagram. You can see them here!

I’ll link to show audio as soon as it’s mixed.



Wildclaw’s Artist trophy.
Foley table setup for “Skinny.”
Team Snax, Wildclaw’s Kansas City gang.


HEAR Now Festival, Kansas City


This weekend I will be at the Hear Now Festival in Kansas City, MO with my friends in Chicago’s Wildclaw Theatre company. I’ll be backing up Foley designer Ele Matelan at the foley table as we present the award-winning short audio drama “Skinny” at the festival’s AUDIO Tonight event on Saturday.

Also at the festival, Wildclaw will be presenting my brother Tim’s short audio drama “Imaginary Fiend,” as recorded at Deathscribe 2015.

Be there or be absent! 

The Bulletproof Poster

I recently completed the sound design for this short video for Americans for Responsible Solutions, a nonprofit founded by former House representative Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, in the wake of 2012’s Sandy Hook shooting. The spot was conceived and realized by my fantastic co-workers at Ogilvy & Mather Chicago.

This Adweek article talks about the video in detail.



“Market Value” post-production

This month I’m working on post-production sound for Wendell Etherly’s feature-length drama Market Value. I’m working with a fantastic crew on this picture. For Foley I’m joined by Steve Baldwin and Ele Matelan, who have performed Foley for the last several films I’ve worked on. Additionally, the immensely talented Shannon Nicole Hill has come on board to direct Time Loop Chicago*, my loop group ensemble. I had a great opportunity to make recordings of two of the main picture cars in the film, courtesy of lead actor/executive producer Chandra Michaels. We’re about half-way done with post sound and hope to mix in about three weeks.

*Time Loop Chicago is (this time):
Hillary Gokenbach
Janet Kownacki
Scott Sorrell
Alan Vuchichevich
Alexandria Frenkel


Fate Accompli

Awhile ago I did postproduction sound for a short film called Fate Accompli, directed by Eric Neal and featuring the fantastic Walt Sloan and Erin Breen. It went through the festival circuit (Best Thriller Short, Illinois International Film Festival 2014) and is now viewable on Youtube. You can also see it on my Videos page. Please watch, enjoy and leave a comment!


fate accompli poster_full res one sheet_27x41