The unseen voices of Star Wars TFA

“There’s one. Set for stun.” – Stormtrooper who just spotted Princess Leia, “Star Wars: A New Hope.” Voice actor: unknown.

“Look, sir! Droids!” – Stormtrooper who found an o-ring in a sand drift on Tattoine,“Star Wars: A New Hope.” Voice actor: unknown.


Every Star Wars fan knows those lines. But how many people know who the actor was who said them? Matthew Wood, the Supervising Sound Editor for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” has posted what I believe to be an unprecedented mostly-comprehensive list of the voice actors in the new film. It’s not every single actor, and not the background walla stuff – it’s things like individual unnamed stormtroopers who have single lines that move the story forward or provide ambiance. It’s great to see voice actors getting recognized with this level of specificity.

Just as our sound designers have to create sound effects for new weapons, vehicles, and ambiences, the dialogue department will turn to voice actors to populate these new worlds.
– Matthew Wood

You can read Matthew’s post here.


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