A Klingon Christmas Carol 2014


This is the third year I’ve been involved in Commedia Beauregard’s A Klingon Christmas Carol. In 2012 I created the sound design for the show, weaving it in with Jon Silpayamanant’s evocative cello and mandolin score. For 2013, director/writer/translator Chris Kidder-Mostrom wanted to go in a different direction musically and I wound up composing new music for the show. This year’s production features my music as well as a somewhat updated sound design. It opened last night and runs until Dec. 21. It’s the last year the show will run in Chicago.

One thing I’m very excited about is that Commedia Beauregard has pressed up CDs of the music I composed for the show –as well as some other music inspired by the show – and made it available for sale at the theater.

There is also a production running in Minneapolis that includes my music and sound design.

And here’s a great article by Marc Okrand, creator of the Klingon Language, about the show. He’ll be playing Scrooge in the Washington, D.C. production!


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